Bytes & Beans offers its clients many flexible options for equipment hosting. We can provide space for a single server or up to 3,000 square feet of open Data Center floor space. Additionally, most power requirements can be met with our robust infrastructure. Our infrastructure features A and B power distribution to all its clients and complete UPS back up as well.

We have IPv4 space available for long term lease. The minimum quantity is a /24 or 256 addresses. Once we have successfully executed the lease Agreement, a Letter Of Authorization (LOA) will be delivered to you so you can instruct your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) to begin announcing the IP space and you can begin to use it. To get more information or to purchase fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you within one business day.

Cloud hosting is great for mobile teams, when you want to push content to a website or other service. If you have a web solution you’re mostly happy with, and just need someone to maintain it, we can optimize existing features, tables, layouts, and scripts, and make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Maintenance also includes hosting and nightly backups to Dropbox, or your favorite FTP server.

Dedicated Servers

This option is good for customers who do not want to buy or manage servers. We will provide and manage the hardware so you can focus on your applications.

Individual Server Co-Location

Individual Server Co-Location is good for customers who may only need space for one or two servers. This includes two UPS protected plug ins (1 A and 1 B), 1 IP address, 5 TB of IP transfer on a 100 Mbps port (equal to a 15 Mbps always on connection), installation and turn up.

Full or Partial Cabinet

This is good for the customer who has several machines or intends on adding equipment. Configurations includes: Bytes and Beans provided PDU, 3 IP addresses, 15 TB of IP transfer on a 1 Gbps port, A/B Ethernet hand off, one carrier cross-connect, installation and turn up.

Cage Space

This is good for customers who need a flexible configuration. Size and price depends on clients needs.

We are Carrier Neutral. So if you choose to use your own carriers, we will assist you with facilitating the provision and installation/cross-connects for those services via one of its many carrier partners.

For customers who do not require the power and performance of a dedicated host, we also offer Cloud Hosting services.

  • Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting and nightly backups.
  • Web Maintenance: We’ll optimize existing features, tables, layouts, and scripts. Cloud hosting and backups included.

For more information on Infrastructure or Hosting, or to request a quote, send us an email to