Multi-Systems Management

FileWave is a multi-platform, unified endpoint management solution that provides IT systems administrators with the capabilities to image, deploy, manage, and maintain their endpoints in real time across a wide variety of devices using an architecture that scales to meet current and future needs.

Institutions dependent on technology generally follow a deployment cycle. This cycle involves architecting and planning the use of the technology as defined by the needs of the institution, imaging and deploying the technology to the designated end users, managing the technology as needed to ensure either a consistent behavior of the devices or providing the best possible user experience, and maintaining the technology throughout the cycle. This practice helps end users meet the various needs and missions of their teams, departments, and institutions or companies.

FileWave is a combination of tools and services integrated through a common administrative application front end. Since the FileWave Admin application is multi-platform, using Apple’s macOS and Microsoft Windows, a systems administrator is not limited to a single platform for day-to-day lifecycle management. The FileWave basic workflow involves the ‘push-pull’ interaction between the FileWave Admin, FileWave server, and FileWave clients.

Filewave Diagram

A FileWave administrator creates a Fileset which resides on the FileWave Server. Filesets contain applications, images, profiles, books, settings, or other content are associated with client devices. The FileWave Client is sent a Manifest that identifies a new Fileset. The Client then requests the Fileset, that may be cached at a FileWave Booster in order to provide better scalability. A basic FileWave configuration consists of a single administrator connecting to a FileWave Server to manage and maintain a set of clients. Multiple administrators may be in use, as well as Boosters to decrease network load by distributing Filesets closer to the client systems as well as, with FileWave handling all Client-Server communications, with the exception of inventory. Each of the major components is described in the following section.

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