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Photography by [Luana Azevedo](https://unsplash.com/@azevdoluana

Photography by Luana Azevedo

About Bytes & Beans

Bytes & Beans is composed of a team of engineers and system architects with years of experience helping businesses succeed with technology. We are a project-focused firm that provides IT support services for small and medium-sized businesses as well as educational institutions who use macOS and Windows devices, and other technologies.

In today's IT world, Cross-platform is a must and I can help you by making all of your technology work together nicely.

As a team, we love blurring the lines of engineering, design, and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration as much as possible.

We are based off Rockwall, TX.

Filewave Administration

Bytes & Beans uses Filewave as our preferred solution for systems and mobile device management platform.

With Filewave we can manage macOS, Windows, iOS/Android and Chromebook's devices in business and education, in a truly holistic approach and it allows us to re-shape your environment making lengthy and cost prohibitive management tasks trivial.

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