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Designed by Engineers and crafted by Developers.

Bytes & Beans is the consulting practice of Gilbert Palau-Pérez, an engineer, web developer, eCommerce strategist, consultant, and entrepreneur, with more than 25 years of experience in project management, design, and development.

As a distributed team (Texas and Puerto Rico), we keep a low overhead, providing flexibility and low cost on the implementation of enterprise-grade solutions.

We are a growing, fast-moving, and flexible company, uniquely positioned to serve your unique web development needs in both English and Spanish.

Thanks to Bytes & Beans partnerships and network of providers, capabilities include agency-level design and development savvy, providing full-stack app and web development, with experience in Tailwind, Javascript, REACT, Angular and Vue.

Sustainable Solutions, Sustained Maintenance.

Our goal is sustainability—not rocket growth. We don’t have a short runway, and we’re not positioning ourselves for an acquisition. We’re in it for the long haul.

We’re builders first, so we’re always eager to launch new features and improve your project over time.

What does this mean for you? This allows for an agile design and development process that better conforms to the actual needs of most businesses, as well as modern website development and maintenance, because it is flexible, allows us to explore new ideas and requirements, and implement them as the budget allows and changing business or market conditions require.

Our commitment to maintenance means more frequent updates to and improvements for your project.

A Small Team, Not a Faceless Company.

Our small size--with a core team of Gilbert, Karen, Wesley, and Esteban--allows us to move at a fast pace, without the slowdowns or impersonality of a big company. We treat our customers as people first, not as paychecks.

In our company ethos, the best support comes from the people who build a service. We don’t have a separate “customer success” team--we are your customer service team.

Because we write your code, we can answer literally any question you have about your project as well as provide deep insight into the project’s inner workings and roadmap.


As a team of self-made developers, we’ve learned everything we know from the shared knowledge of others.

We pay it forward by writing about our process in Life on a Branch, our developer blog, and by providing insight into our running costs.

Follow along with our progress and learn about everything that goes into the development of web applications

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